Simone has been photographing weddings, portraits, and nature since 2012. She specializes in creating organic, fine art imagery using natural light, a stress-free shooting approach, and easy-to-follow directions. Taking photos should be fun AND relaxing and the results should look and feel like the real you with a little something extra! To learn more about her work with clients check out the Wedding Information tab. Check out the pictures and text below for more personal details!

Simone is an artist living with her family in a sleepy farm town 130 miles north of New York City. They live in an old farmhouse on a 7.5 acre homestead fondly named the Maple Roost. Simone derives considerable inspiration from nature and the beauty of the seasons always being in a state of change. On their property they cultivate principles of sustainability and permaculture, growing an ever expanding garden of vegetables, herbs, and flowers as well as spoiling a small flock of chickens. When they’re not working, Simone and her husband, Andrew, can be found preserving their latest garden harvest, plotting their next DIY project, or visiting/hosting family and friends.  For a peek into every day life, follow Simone's Instagram: @simonefoxx


A few of my Favorite Things:

Respect, Love, and Equal Rights for all humans regardless of their background, identity, or status.

Nikon - NY Pizza - Gardening - DIY projects - Animals

Vacations on the water - Music & Art - Ecotherapy - Neurodiversity

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