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Why I Want to Spend my Time Photographing Couples in Love

“You are my first love. The first one to break down my walls. The first one I could ever imagine a future with. And even though you are way for a time, I’ll always be thinking of you. And we may not know what the future will hold for us. But I’ll never stop loving you. You have taken ahold of my heart, mind, and soul, and that’s something you just can’t take back. I miss you terribly. I love you eternally. “

“Within my soul there lies a voice that whispers directions to me on how to be a better person. That voice is you.”

“You inspire me, make me fearless, yet vulnerable, confident and humble, happy, yet selfless. I know I love you because I want you to be happy even if it hurts.”

“You captivated every part of my being. I see my children in your eyes and feel forever in your arms. i know you will love be beyond a lifetime because our souls will forever be one. I love you. I can’t wait to be your wife.”

“You found me just in time and rescued me from myself. How will I ever re-pay you? I will try with all my love.”

“I didn’t believe in love until I earned it, lost it, then remembered it here.”

“You turned my life upside down and inside out and changed it in a way that meant I couldn’t recognize it anymore. You helped me create a new life; we created our life.”

“How many times I wanted to tell you those three words. How many nights I wanted to kiss you. How many years I have regretting not doing those things sooner.”

“Whether she is laughing at me, crying because of me, scolding me, or just standing. I love her.”

“Sometimes it hurts to love…but I’m going to keep on hurting….because it’s so worth it. I love you.”

“When you hold me, the sky opens up and a moon that I never knew lights up the dark corners of my life. There is hope gain, because you point me gently towards the sun.”




The quotes (by ordinary people) I typed up above are the reason I want to be a wedding photographer; the reason I want to photograph couples in love. The fact that people can love and care for another person to such extents is so incredible to me and I want nothing more than to capture those people in the frames of my camera.  These people are lucky and need to be remembered. I think I was given a gift with my eye for photography and passion for pursuing this art. Love is absolutely the most powerful thing in the world. Two people who have found each other like a diamond amongst black rocks are the best representation of that. I want to try my hardest to make those people happy by seeing their true passion for one another and reminding them of it every time they walk past their photo hanging on the wall. Humans can easily be absentminded creatures, and I want to help them remember.





*All of these quote are taken from the website of Clayton Austin.

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