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My name is Simone Fox and I'm so glad you found your way to my blog! I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer who kicked off 2017 by relocating to Albany, NY, however I am still available to come out to Northern Virginia/DC, but also anywhere in the world as I love to travel! Check out my Instagram to the right (and add me!) for more pictures of my clients and to get a peek at my personal life! Fair warning, aside from pretty wedding stories, my feed consists heavily of cats, recent meals, and nature imagery. If you are looking for wedding and portrait services, check out my information tab above and for inquiries, please email me at pointe315@gmail.com; I'd love to chat with you!


Hello All! I’m really excited to share a few announcements and recent changes to Simone Fox Photography.

Announcement 1: I know it has been a while since my last post; that’s because as of January 2017, I am officially based out of Watervliet, NY, just north of Albany. Moving and re-starting a business in a new town is quite an ordeal! The real reason I made the move is because I’ve spent the last 3.5 years in a long distance relationship with this awesome guy, Andrew. We decided to go long-distance when he moved to the Albany area to finish up his Electrical Engineering degree at RPI. The long distance thing surprisingly worked really well for us and despite being so far away from each other we grew closer. So when he was offered a great job with a local business, we decided to start working on moving in together. Finally, after a lot of planning and preparation, my cat and I are officially settled in our little apartment in Watervliet and I am actively booking 2017/2018 weddings in the Albany area!


Announcement 2: I am now running a special discount of $500 off your wedding photography package if you are located near Albany! This discount will be available for a limited time only 😉

Click here for specifics on my wedding photography prices!

Announcement 3: One of my favorite photography communities that I’ve been involved with is the Shoot & Share community. The main feature of a Shoot & Share photographer is that we we give full digital/printing rights to our clients versus the photographer only offering print purchasing. I have been a big supporter of giving my clients as many photos as possible and giving them the capability to download ALL the high resolution images I produce from a wedding or engagement.  So, my announcement is, the Shoot & Share community hosts a massive photography contest every year. This year there were 333k submissions, 50 million votes, 149 countries participating, and over 30 categories. And I’m really excited to announce that one of my images placed 8th in the Ring Shot category! I have never placed in this contest before and I entered 3 times before finally placing this year! I am so honored to have done this well, especially since the images entered in this contest are from the world’s best wedding and portrait photographers. Check out my photo below and the rest of the results for 2017 here: http://shootandshare.com/photos/

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Melissa + Kevin’s 8 Chains North Winery Wedding

Driving to 8 Chains North on this sunny Saturday the winds were predicted to be 25mph! It was a windy day indeed but luckily it saw some lulls that we were able to take some beautiful images during! I always say if it’s not raining we have nothing to worry about! 8 Chains North is one of my favorite wineries and it was my second time shooting at this awesome venue. Last time I shot here it was mid-August and the vines were green instead of the beautiful yellow they turned in the fall. I adored the red theme that Melinda had going; just wait till you check out her florals and bridesmaids. Her flower crown is to die for! I also really loved how important family is to these two and I loved all the little in-between games/events during the reception. I want to extend a big thank you to Libby Denton Photography (my earlier October bride and now a Potter :)) for second shooting for me and thank you to Melinda + Kevin for allowing me to be apart of their special day!

2016-11-23_0001 2016-11-23_0002 2016-11-23_0003 2016-11-23_0004 2016-11-23_0005 2016-11-23_0046 2016-11-23_0006 2016-11-23_0009 2016-11-23_0010 2016-11-23_0007 2016-11-23_0008 2016-11-23_0011 2016-11-23_0012 2016-11-23_0013 2016-11-23_0014 2016-11-23_0015 2016-11-23_0016 2016-11-23_0017 2016-11-23_0018 2016-11-23_0019 2016-11-23_0020 2016-11-23_0021 2016-11-23_0022 2016-11-23_0023 2016-11-23_0024 2016-11-23_0025 2016-11-23_0028 2016-11-23_0029 2016-11-23_0030 2016-11-23_0031 2016-11-23_0033 2016-11-23_0035 2016-11-23_0036 2016-11-23_0037 2016-11-23_0038 2016-11-23_0032 2016-11-23_0039 2016-11-23_0027 2016-11-23_0026 2016-11-23_0040 2016-11-23_0041 2016-11-23_0042 2016-11-23_0043 2016-11-23_0044 2016-11-23_0045 2016-11-23_0047 2016-11-23_0048 2016-11-23_0049

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Erin + Tiernan’s Irvine Estate Wedding

I’m so excited to share Erin and Tiernan’s wedding today! All three of us attended the University of Mary Washington and Terry and I were both English majors together. I was really happy when they reached out as Terry had always said they’d be in touch just as soon as he asked Erin to marry him :). Finally, after much planning and preparation, the big day arrived! Erin and Terry incorporated a few different details into their wedding day which I loved: the reading of personal vows to each other following their first look and they had a private 30 minute block set up during cocktail hour so they could spend some time with just each other right after being married :). We also had a time set up for sunset portraits during the reception; so glad they wanted to do that! It was such an honor to shoot at Irvine Estate again and this will always be one of my favorite wedding venues! Thank you to Rosie Omar Photography for second shooting for me! A few of her photos are included, most notably the photos of the groomsmen getting ready. And finally, thank you to Erin and Terry for trusting me to capture your wedding day; hope you love the images!

2016-11-10_0031 2016-11-10_0001 2016-11-10_0002 2016-11-10_0003 2016-11-10_0004 2016-11-10_0005 2016-11-10_0006 2016-11-10_0007 2016-11-10_0008 2016-11-10_0009 2016-11-10_0010 2016-11-10_0011 2016-11-10_0012 2016-11-10_0013 2016-11-10_0014 2016-11-10_0015 2016-11-10_0016 2016-11-10_0017 2016-11-10_0018 2016-11-10_0019 2016-11-10_0020 2016-11-10_0021 2016-11-10_0022 2016-11-10_0023 2016-11-10_0024 2016-11-10_0025 2016-11-10_0030 2016-11-10_0026 2016-11-10_0027 2016-11-10_0028 2016-11-10_0029 2016-11-10_0032 2016-11-10_0033 2016-11-10_0034 2016-11-10_0035 2016-11-10_0036 2016-11-10_0037 2016-11-10_0038 2016-11-10_0039 2016-11-10_0040 2016-11-10_0041 2016-11-10_0042 2016-11-10_0043 2016-11-10_0044 2016-11-10_0045 2016-11-10_0046 2016-11-10_0047 2016-11-10_0048 2016-11-10_0049 2016-11-10_0050 2016-11-10_0051 2016-11-10_0052

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Libby + Jeremy’s Wedding at the Historic Blenheim

I just loved working with Libby and Jeremy! I particularly loved the details they included in their wedding. Libby’s bouquet was the perfect backdrop for her amazing sapphire ring! Their reception dinner included long tables with a full meat and cheese spread with nuts and dried fruits. And their cake was…wait for it…a big rice krispie treat! The whole event was both classy and casual and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more! Not only that but Libby is also a photographer, and she even second shot one of my later October weddings with me! So fun! These two were a dream to work with and I hope you enjoy the photos! Special thanks to Kuralay of 1001 Angles Photography for second shooting and you’ll see some of her images in this post 🙂

2016-10-30_0001 2016-10-30_0002 2016-10-30_0003 2016-10-30_0004 2016-10-30_0005 2016-10-30_0006 2016-10-30_0007 2016-10-30_0008 2016-10-30_0009 2016-10-30_0010 2016-10-30_0011 2016-10-30_0015 2016-10-30_0016 2016-10-30_0017 2016-10-30_0018 2016-10-30_0019 2016-10-30_0020 2016-10-30_0021 2016-10-30_0022 2016-10-30_0023 2016-10-30_0024 2016-10-30_0025 2016-10-30_0026 2016-10-30_0027 2016-10-30_0014 2016-10-30_0013 2016-10-30_0012 2016-10-30_0028 2016-10-30_0029 2016-10-30_0030 2016-10-30_0031

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Hannah + Garrett’s Rural Farm Wedding

What a great day Hannah + Garrett’s wedding day was! This wedding was special for me because I was a guest as well as the photographer! My boyfriend, Andrew, was in the wedding party (yes, he’s the one with the mustache :-P), so this made the entire day that much more fun! Hannah and Garrett are so easygoing and laid-back; we decided on a first look about 30 minutes before the ceremony! True story! Loved their spontaneity and how they didn’t take anything too seriously. Their wedding was at a farm of their close friend’s and I just loved the intimate atmosphere. Thank you to Hannah + Garrett for a beautiful day!

2016-10-13_0001 2016-10-13_0002 2016-10-13_0003 2016-10-13_0004 2016-10-13_0005 2016-10-13_0006 2016-10-13_0007 2016-10-13_0008 2016-10-13_0009 2016-10-13_0010 2016-10-13_0011 2016-10-13_0012 2016-10-13_0013 2016-10-13_0014 2016-10-13_0015 2016-10-13_0016 2016-10-13_0017 2016-10-13_0018 2016-10-13_0019 2016-10-13_0020 2016-10-13_0021 2016-10-13_0022 2016-10-13_0023 2016-10-13_0024 2016-10-13_0025

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