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My name is Simone Fox and I'm so glad you found your way to my corner of the internet! I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Albany, NY; I cover Upstate NY and surrounding areas and am happy to travel anywhere on the map for an exciting photo opportunity! Check out my Instagram to the right (and add me! @simonefoxx) for to-the-minute updates on my life and photos of my awesome clients! When I'm not shooting, I am an avid gardener, cat lady, and EDM enthusiast. If you are looking for wedding and portrait services, check out my information tab above and for inquiries, please email me at pointe315@gmail.com; I'd love to chat with you!

Brianne + Joe’s Engagement in the Berkshires, MA

Today I’m featuring Brianne + Joe’s gorgeous engagement shoot in the Berkshires! Before our meeting at a charming cafe just west of the Berkshires, I had never been and was so excited to be able to shoot during autumn’s beautiful full-color period. I went a little location crazy but Brianne and Joe were troopers and had no problem being a bit adventurous. We started off initially at Hilltop Orchards and even had time for some delicious cider donuts. Those things are so delicious and difficult to find in Virginia but they are very popular in the northeast! We then “hitch-hiked” about .2 miles from the orchards to check out a road-side field I noticed on my way to the orchard. Next, we stopped by Laurel Lake and got some beautiful glowing sunset shots and finally, we turned around to stop by Olivia’s Overlook that I spotted on the way to the lake. I also stood on my car at this spot in order to get the best angle! We got such a variety of beautiful shots; I realized later that evening I probably could have done without 4 separate locations but I don’t think anybody minded and the pictures were worth it! Excited to share this colorful fall engagement!


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Sevil + CJ’s Mountain Wedding Shoot

What an adventure I had working with Sevil and CJ at Mohonk Mountain! First of all, I was almost an ENTIRE hour late to our shoot! This is because there is another Mountain in CT called MoHAWK Mountain and when I went to search Mohonk in my google map, Mohawk Mountain popped up even though I typed Mohonk. I realized this about 20 minutes before I was supposed to show up to Mohonk. I was so annoyed with myself and I did some serious speeding in order to arrive 45 minutes late instead of 1 hour. Fortunately CJ and Sevil were extremely understanding and with our initial plan of starting 30 minutes early we did not lose much photo time at all. I couldn’t be more grateful that kind and understanding people seem to like hiring me. Sevil and CJ were married in April earlier this year and they wanted to do a photo shoot of just them in their wedding clothes in a beautiful location. I’m so glad our paths crossed and we were able to make their vision happen. Mohonk had so many gorgeous spots including a lakeside walkway, a fully blooming garden, and a mountain overlook. We shot until literally the last bit of light was coming out from behind the mountain. Funny story, we ended up taking the wrong path back from the mountain overlook and had to turn around and walk almost twice as far! We were SO relieved when we saw the lights of the Mohonk hotel ahead of us. It was an adventure for sure and I think the photos were worth every bit!

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Kiersten and Kyle’s Countryside Engagement

As soon as I met Kiersten, I knew we would be a great fit! We met at this adorable coffeeshop downtown called Little Pecks. We shared life and wedding details over delicious coffee. We decided to do their engagement in that wonderful period between the end of summer and full-on autumn leaves. Kiersten always posts gorgeous nature photos on her Instagram so I was really excited when she told me about this beautiful private property near her house. She said she didn’t know the owners but she regularly takes walks by their house and waves to them. After a bit of time, she stopped by one day and asked if we could use their property for her engagement photos. They said yes!!! This place has many old red barns, several ponds, willow trees, and gorgeous stone walls. A photographer’s playground if I ever saw one! Kyle was also such a great sport and put up with us photographing for over an hour :P.


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Danielle + Nefi’s Wedding at the DC Mormon Temple

When Danielle first reached out to me, it was only a few short months before her wedding day. She told me how she was drawn to the artistry in my work more than anyone else she had seen. She knew since I am now in Albany, I would have to travel down to DC twice for both the engagement and wedding. Shortly after she and Nefi got engaged, she unfortunately suffered a stroke and had to have open-heart surgery. It was so tough to read this and I was so0oooo happy I was available for their day, August 12. She is now fully recovered and is moving off to San Francisco with Nefi where he recently got a job with Mozilla! When we met in June for the engagement shoot, I could tell these were two warm and genuine people. We had such a great time shooting and their love was evident with very few posing instructions from me! On their wedding day, I got the opportunity to get to know their family members who were all so sweet and gracious and amazingly easy to work with. They were married at the DC Mormon Temple which has strict rules on ceremony viewings; as a result, I wasn’t able to photograph their official ceremony and some family members had to sit out as well. However, they have a wonderful tradition where the married couple walks out of the temple doors, seeing all their friends and family for the first time married. Loved photographing that moment and we then did all our portraits outside the temple area, which is nothing short of an epic photo location. They also had a brief ring ceremony before their reception so everyone could still see them ‘getting married’. Their reception included excellent dancing, loving toasts, and me just feeling grateful I got to be the one to photograph these two families coming together in honor of Danielle and Nefi.




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Danielle + Jonathan’s Saratoga Engagement

I had a great time working with Danielle and Jon capturing their engagements at the beautiful Congress Park and Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga. I just loved their coordinated outfit choices; Danielle’s dress was so gorgeous! Congress Park is actually where they got to know each other as they started dating. We checked out their favorite hang out spots, including a merry-go-round! Jon used to be on the Saratoga police force so we even got a picture with one of his friends on a police horse! It was definitely fitting as Saratoga has a thriving horse racing culture. The Yaddo Garden is quickly becoming one of my favorite photo locations; colorful roses and fountains galore! The two of them got engaged at Disney World, how awesome is that? They brought a Disney themed prop to use for ring shots and I love how they turned out. These two were so easy to work with and I’m so happy I was able to capture this special time in their lives. Enjoy the pictures!



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Liz + Sean’s Downtown Troy Engagement

Today, I’m excited to share some favorites from Liz + Sean’s engagement. Liz and Sean were one of the first clients to contact me since moving to New York. As soon as the three of us sat down to discuss wedding details it was clear we were a great fit! Both Liz and Sean are very active in the local community, both environmental/political advocates, and Liz was even recently honored for her clean water advocacy in a local 40 under 40 campaign! So proud to be serving such passionate people in my business 🙂 We decided to do the engagement shoot around a few of their favorite spots in downtown Troy and we finished up at Prospect Park which has a beautiful sunset overlook spot. I was really excited to finally have a shoot in downtown Troy; it has so many beautiful corners from lovely brownstones to a colorful new street art project that just appeared a few weeks ago. Enjoy!!




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