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My name is Simone Fox and I'm excited you found your way to my corner of the internet! Located in Upstate NY, I specialize in creating organic, stress-free, fine art photography experiences. I have been shooting weddings and portraits since 2012 originally in the VA/DC area and NY since 2017. Catch me on Instagram @simonefoxx for up-to-date stories on my life and clients! If you are looking for wedding and portrait services, check out my information tab above and for inquiries, please email me at pointe315@gmail.com; I'd love to chat about any of your photography needs!

Erin + Tiernan’s Irvine Estate Wedding

I’m so excited to share Erin and Tiernan’s wedding today! All three of us attended the University of Mary Washington and Terry and I were both English majors together. I was really happy when they reached out as Terry had always said they’d be in touch just as soon as he asked Erin to marry him :). Finally, after much planning and preparation, the big day arrived! Erin and Terry incorporated a few different details into their wedding day which I loved: the reading of personal vows to each other following their first look and they had a private 30 minute block set up during cocktail hour so they could spend some time with just each other right after being married :). We also had a time set up for sunset portraits during the reception; so glad they wanted to do that! It was such an honor to shoot at Irvine Estate again and this will always be one of my favorite wedding venues! Thank you to Rosie Omar Photography for second shooting for me! A few of her photos are included, most notably the photos of the groomsmen getting ready. And finally, thank you to Erin and Terry for trusting me to capture your wedding day; hope you love the images!

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