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My name is Simone Fox and I'm so glad you found your way to my blog! I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Albany, NY; I cover the Hudson vallery area, the Adirondacks, NYC, western Massachusets, and Vermont. Check out my Instagram to the right (and add me! @simonefoxx) for to-the-minute updates on my life and photos of my awesome clients! When I'm not shooting, I am an avid gardener, cat lady, and EDM enthusiast. If you are looking for wedding and portrait services, check out my information tab above and for inquiries, please email me at pointe315@gmail.com; I'd love to chat with you!

Camera Phone Friday

Camera Phone Friday 11 – Summer of Instagrams

Thankfully I have not forgotten about Camera Phone Friday. I’ve compiled a post with my favorite Instagrams from the middle of the summer! Hopefully there is still a fair bit of hot weather left because I am not even CLOSE to being ready for fall. This summer was rainy in June, hot for one week […]

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Camera Phone Friday 10

IT’S SATURDAY, I know. But as to keep up with my goal of blogging more often here is a post. I picked out some of my favorite Instagrams in the past couple of months and compiled them here for your viewing pleasure :). Btw, look for a wedding post soon! 🙂

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Camera Phone Friday 9

Yay! On time! In the morning! Uh oh, I better plan something AWESOME for next week because it will be my 10th Camera Phone Friday post! Next week I have an iPhone app review that HAS to be posted, because, seriously, this app is the bomb and I don’t know why more people don’t know […]

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Camera Phone Friday 8

I’m late!!! I know. I’m sorry. Went on a small adventure to Clarendon last Saturday and saw the breaking of a world record in a Whole Foods! They broke the world record for most cheese wheels being cut at the same time! EVERY Whole Foods in the nation was participating! I love cheese, so I […]

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Camera Phone Friday 7

Well. I finally decided to stop slacking off. Granted this is being posted a few minutes to midnight. Therefore I better finish this post VERY fast so that it will be posted in time! More pictures will be coming soon I promise! These Instagrams are a very small peek into my new life. Mainly my […]

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Camera Phone Friday 6

I KNOW. I failed. But I have a very good reason. On Friday I was moving and my internet didn’t get installed until this afternoon! It’s the longest I’ve gone without internet in a long time. But now I’m all set up! I start my job tomorrow and my apartment is starting to look a […]

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