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My name is Simone Fox and I'm excited you found your way to my corner of the internet! Located in Upstate NY, I specialize in creating organic, stress-free, fine art photography experiences. I have been shooting weddings and portraits since 2012 originally in the VA/DC area and NY since 2017. Catch me on Instagram @simonefoxx for up-to-date stories on my life and clients! If you are looking for wedding and portrait services, check out my information tab above and for inquiries, please email me at pointe315@gmail.com; I'd love to chat about any of your photography needs!

Ashlee & Will – Rustic Winery Wedding

I loved working with Ashlee and Will! Ashlee is another friend from college, and I was so honored she picked me to shoot her wedding even though my work was not nearly as good back in the college days! They were both so easy to work with and I loved their venue! They were married outside at Linganore Winecellars with a backdrop of a gorgeous vineyard. The reception was held in their gorgeous facility that looks like an old barn on the outside! One thing I really loved about this couple was how strongly they valued their family. You could clearly tell that family is very important to these two, and I loved being able to capture that in their images. Thank you for a beautiful wedding day, Ashlee & Will!

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One thought on “Ashlee & Will – Rustic Winery Wedding

  1. Debra Wines

    Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful bride and handsome groom. So happy for the two of you. Much love, Debbie

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