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Adventure: The Wii U Experience: Washington DC

The adventure this week is pretty darn cool. Nintendo is very smart about their marketing, let me tell you. Nintendo kicked off a tour recently in which they are hosting exclusive, invite-only events in which a few hundred people would get the chance to experience the new Wii U which is┬áconfirmed┬áto be coming out in “the holiday season,” according to the host of the event. The tour is going to be in Chicago, NYC, Miami, and Washington DC. I was surprised to find that I was pretty much the only DSLR toting photographer at this event. The whole point of the event was to inform a small percentage of the public what the Wii U is actually like to help prevent any speculations and rumors. Now Nintendo has got the public doing their viral marketing for them! One common misconception about the Wii U controller is that it is very heavy, but it is in fact very light. Much lighter than an iPad, in fact. Here are my pictures from the event. Evan runs a video game social media website so the reason I got to go to this event was him! Check him out at thoseguys.tv!

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