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My name is Simone Fox and I'm excited you found your way to my corner of the internet! Located in Upstate NY, I specialize in creating organic, stress-free, fine art photography experiences. I have been shooting weddings and portraits since 2012 originally in the VA/DC area and NY since 2017. Catch me on Instagram @simonefoxx for up-to-date stories on my life and clients! If you are looking for wedding and portrait services, check out my information tab above and for inquiries, please email me at pointe315@gmail.com; I'd love to chat about any of your photography needs!

About Me

Hello and Welcome! My name is Simone and I have been photographing weddings, portraits, and nature for almost a decade. I specialize in creating organic, fine art imagery using natural light and a stress-free shooting approach with easy-to-follow directions. Taking photos should be fun AND relaxing and the results should look and feel like the real you with a little something extra!

To learn more about my approach to photography check out my Information tab! 🙂

I’ve made my home in a sleepy farm town in the Capital Region. I live in a 100-year-old farmhouse on a 7.5 acre plot with my partner, Andrew, and our vocal, sassy cat, Meow. Andrew and I have always had a dream of owning land where we could have a big garden, raise some livestock, and put as many feet as possible between us and neighbors. We stumbled upon this listing in the midst of having 2 offers on other homes rejected. We did not expect to find the perfect place but this property turned out to be better than anything we could have ever imagined. While the house came with a promise of endless projects and renovations, the outside came with a huge deck + backyard, a 6 stable barn, a large chicken coop, a 3.5 acre fenced in plot, 2 acres of forest, a section of a local river, apple trees, peach trees, cherry trees, a pear tree, and finally an unobscured view of the sunset. Luckily, our offer was accepted and we began to settle into the idea that the small-scale, homesteading lifestyle is well within our future. We are starting slow while recovering from the financial hardship of home buying and ownership, but a lawn mower is on order, garden prep is underway, and in June 2020, we are adding 4 chickens to the mix!

A few of my Favorite Things:

Nikon products. Apple products. Unique love stories. NY Pizza. Coffee on the go. Pretty much all cheese. An epic sunset. A good Netflix binge. The occasional video game. Fresh Dahlias. Beach vacations. Thrift stores. Watching and listening to any animal. Dance workouts.  

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