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My name is Simone Fox and it looks like you stumbled on my photography blog! I'm so glad you're here! I am a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Fairfax, VA, a little city on the outskirts Washington DC. I shoot all over the Northern VA, DC, and Maryland and am always up for traveling! Check out my blog posts to see what I've been up to, and check out the above menu for more details! If you have a wedding coming up or want some portraits done, please do head over to my Talk to Me! tab or connect with me through the links on the right. I'd love to chat with you!

Katie & Chris’ Late Fall Winchester Wedding

A few weekends ago I had my last wedding of 2014! And it was an awesome one! Katie & Chris’s day was just gorgeous! I was connected with Katie and Chris when Katie’s sister, Laura reached out to me. Laura was my AP Government teacher in high school!! She was also one of my favorite teachers, so it was very exciting to know she was recommending me for her sister :)  The day started off with everyone getting ready at the church; Katie looked simply stunning in her dress.  We did a First Look in the garden, and walked downtown to do portraits! I loved that this couple allowed enough time in their timeline to explore and get some beautiful portraits! It was pretty chilly though. You could really feel that late fall breeze that signifies Winter is coming soon. The bridal party were such great sports, as they waited for me to finish photographing Katie & Chris’ portraits. We got some awesome bridal party shots in front of this beautiful house in downtown.

A sweet ceremony followed portraits; I loved the architecture of the church. After the ceremony we drove over to the reception location, and I just loved how elegant and classy the Shenandoah Valley Golf Club is. The venue had lovely big windows overlooking a beautiful golf course. When the bride and groom arrived at the venue they did a receiving line, which I thought was a great way to have time with each guest without having to go to each table! The dinner at this venue was so delicious! I had a great time working with The DJ Connection and Derek Fowler Videography during the reception. Lastly, I want to thank Melodie Ann Photography for being the best second shooter I could ask for; you’ll see some of her shots in this post! Congratulations to Katie & Chris!

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Jenifer & Nick’s Rustic Farm Wedding in Fredericksburg

Nick and I worked together recently for about a year. While he moved on to another job a few months ago, we have continued to keep in touch, and when he asked me to be his wedding photographer, I wasn’t about to turn it down! He and Jenifer are high school sweethearts, and were married at The Glasgow Farm this past weekend. Melodie and I arrived an hour early to start photographing the venue and her bridal details. This working farm venue was just awesome! The big house had so many awesome rustic details. When Jenifer arrived the bridesmaids got ready, and Jenifer looked gorgeous in her dress :). The ceremony was held in a loft above the reception space. The lights along the barn ceiling made for some great bokeh shots!

One of my favorite parts of this wedding was the Dove Release. The dove release symbolizes two people getting married because doves mate for life and when released into the wild they don’t know what the future holds, but they have an natural navigation ability to always be able to find their way home. I also love birds, and the idea of having them at a wedding is awesome! I love how laid back this wedding was. Nick has always been a laid back guy, so I expected nothing less ;). The timeline was very relaxed, and I found it actually made it easier to not worry about the time. Not having to keep to a strict schedule meant I could take longer for portraits without feeling rushed ;). It also meant that I could suggest sunset photos to Jeinfer  and Nick towards the end of the wedding. We ended up not taking too many portraits after the ceremony because we figured why not just do them when the light is good! I’m glad we did. The farm had this little trail leading into the woods which was super colorful because of autumn. I loved how much fun these two were to photograph! You can see how comfortable they are around one another and how much they love to be together :).

I had a great time hanging out with some of my current and former co workers. Seeing them in a non-work setting was fun! I got a photo of Dan taking a selfie of himself with a goat, and a shot of Ed checking out Nick’s drone. :P Yes, you remember the drone from their engagement shoot! Of course Nick brought it to the wedding, and his friends made a little video of the reception! Most importantly, this wedding was catered by the one and only Chipotle. How awesome is it that they had Chipotle cater their wedding?? Melodie and I certainly enjoyed that! I loved how this wedding was more of an afternoon wedding, because most of the reception events were over just in time for sunset, so doing portraits then was perfectly timed, and Melodie and I weren’t driving home at midnight trying not to fall asleep in the car! Haha, I was grateful since I had work the next day. Oh the life of people with two jobs :P.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all the vendors that participated in making this wedding a success, but most of all to my second shooter Melodie Ann Photography! You’ll see some of her shots in this post!

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Amanda & Matt’s Rustic Winery Wedding

Amanda & Matt are a very special couple. I actually know Matt through an old friend of mine. When I was a teenager, I used to do scholarship beauty pageants with the Miss America organization, believe it or not. It was a great experience for me as a teenager, and I met many awesome people through the pageant circuit. Anyway, I was pretty into it between ages 15-18 and after my first pageant I got a pageant coach, and her name was Kristi. She was such an amazing role model for me throughout my time with pageants and she really helped me come out of my shell in a lot of ways. Our families became close during the years we connected over all the pageantry. Matt is Kristi’s brother. So when I was asked to shoot Matt and his wife Amanda’s wedding celebration, I was honored. It was  such an honor to know that their family has been following my work and my progress over the years and that they now felt they could trust me with capturing such an important day.

After shooting some lovely getting ready portraits and details at the hotel, I headed to 8 Chains Winery to prepare for the ceremony. I love the modern, yet rustic feel to this venue. So the schedule for this wedding was tight. The sun was setting at 7pm, and I knew that after Amanda & Matt walked down the aisle, I would need to grab them right away for portraits. The only thing Amanda wanted was sunset portraits. She was so very sweet to me throughout the entire wedding process, and I was not about to let her down. So the ceremony was starting late, and I was genuinely worried that we’d run out of light. But then fortunately the officiant was very efficient, and the ceremony was very fast. By the time we finally got into the vines the sun had dipped behind the trees, but….the last minute sunset light never disappoints. As I found myself smiling through my viewfinder, I felt confident I was getting the portraits that his beautiful couple deserves. Amanda & Matt have an adorable daughter, Madison. They were married over a year ago, so this celebration was more of a vow renewal. I just love how special Madison is to this family. They care for her so much, and they deserve beautiful images to commemorate this season of their lives.

As we finished up the portraits I turned my camera around to show Amanda one of the shots I had gotten, and she squeezed my arm, smiled and said “Oh my God, I love it!” It’s moments just like that that I live for. :). After a successful round of last minute sunset portraits, a delicious Greek dinner followed complete with lots of dancing, drinking, and a damn good time. Amanda & Matt I hope you LOVE these photos and that they bring you joy for many years :)

I’d like to thank all the vendors who helped make this day possible, and most of all my awesome second shooter Camille. You’ll see a few of her shots sprinkled throughout this post :)

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