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My name is Simone Fox and it looks like you stumbled on my photography blog! I'm so glad you're here! I am a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Fairfax, VA, a little city on the outskirts Washington DC. I shoot all over the Northern VA, DC, and Maryland and am always up for traveling! Check out my blog posts to see what I've been up to, and check out the above menu for more details! If you have a wedding coming up or want some portraits done, please do head over to my Talk to Me! tab or connect with me through the links on the right. I'd love to chat with you!

Jenifer & Nick Engagement

This was one of the more unique engagement sessions I’ve ever done. It included 3 different animal types and a quadrocopter drone! So Nick and I used to be co-workers. He and I worked together for over a year, so we got to be pretty good friends. So when he contacted me to see if I was still available for his wedding next month, I wasn’t about to turn it down. He and his fiance, Jenifer have a chicken farm at their house! At work Nick used to bring us all fresh eggs and he was always getting more and more chickens. He’s now up to 60! So when I suggested we start shooting at their house with the chickens they were all for it! So we started there, and included their adorable puppy, Muffin, and even the cat, Pumpkin, made an appearance. Nick recently bought a drone, and being that my other co workers are engineers and very curious (jealous) about this drone, I figured I may as well take some photos of it! So we headed to the Rappahannock river and after taking some beautiful engagement portraits on the rocks with a view of the river….we flew the drone! Those things are pretty cool. They can fly so high that you can completely lose sight of it if you’re not careful! It produces some amazing footage though; landscape videography at its finest! Of course, the government is still working out how they feel about people using these quadrocoptors, but I’m sure that’ll get worked out soon, as drones are getting much more popular nowadays. After the river and drone event, they took me out to Chipotle! Also, guess who is catering their wedding….Chipotle. AWESOME!!! Anyway, enjoy these photos!

2014-09-25_0001 2014-09-25_0002 2014-09-25_0003 2014-09-25_0004 2014-09-25_0005 2014-09-25_0006 2014-09-25_0007 2014-09-25_0008 2014-09-25_0009 2014-09-25_0010 2014-09-25_0011 2014-09-25_0012 2014-09-25_0013 2014-09-25_0014 2014-09-25_0015 2014-09-25_0016 2014-09-25_0017 2014-09-25_0018 2014-09-25_0019 2014-09-25_0020 2014-09-25_0021 2014-09-25_0022

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Katie & Sam’s Wedding

I arrived at the same church Katie’s parents got married at to photograph Katie and her bridesmaids getting ready. Katie’s timeline was perfect, and I had plenty of time for every little detail :). The girls were getting ready at a cute little house right next to the church with a porch swing. You could really tell how happy everyone was for Katie and Sam. She looked so beautiful in her gown. Sam and his groomsmen were getting ready inside the church in the library. It was about 1pm when it was time for he First Look at let me tell you it was HOT outside. It was one of those classic “we thought it would be fall by now” moments. Sam was not looking forward to stepping out into 90 degree weather with a full tux on, but as soon as he saw Katie a BIG smile spread across his face, and he forgot all about the heat! Their first look was so sweet, and then we kept running inside every few minutes during portraits to keep cool! After a tenderhearted ceremony, we jumped in our cars immediately and headed to the Historic Round Barn for a fun reception! This barn was absolutely amazing. It was by far the coolest reception venue I’ve ever shot at. The place was covered with bright purple lights and literally walls of incandescent lights. It was so cool to see the effects these lights created in camera. Sam’s brother gave the best man speech, and you could really see both how much he loved his brother, and how happy he was for him and Katie. Katie’s maid of honor was so overcome with emotion she couldn’t even deliver her speech! Instead she gave it to her privately, and I was lucky enough to be able to capture this moment from afar. Working with DJ Elon was awesome! He was so high energy and he did a great job of keeping things fun and exciting on the dance floor. This was definitely a favorite wedding of mine, and before I end I want to thank, once again, Melodie Ann Photography for being my second shooter. She and I have been messing around with photography since before I even owned a DSLR, and now we are working together on real weddings. She’s the best second shooter I could ever ask for! :) Enjoy these photos, with a few of Melodie’s sprinkled throughout!2014-09-22_0001 2014-09-22_0002 2014-09-22_0004 2014-09-22_0005 2014-09-22_0006 2014-09-22_0007 2014-09-22_0008 2014-09-22_0009

2014-09-22_0010 2014-09-22_0011 2014-09-22_0012 2014-09-22_0013 2014-09-22_0014 2014-09-22_0015 2014-09-22_0016 2014-09-22_0017 2014-09-22_0018 2014-09-22_0019 2014-09-22_0020 2014-09-22_0021 2014-09-22_0022

The photo on the right is a recreation shot from a photo taken on Katie’s parents’ wedding day :)2014-09-22_0023 2014-09-22_0029

They wrote their own vows and they were so sweet!2014-09-22_0030 2014-09-22_0031 2014-09-22_0032 2014-09-22_0033

Katie’s mom included a little photo of Katie’s grandfather in her bouquet. The shot with the bouquets on her dress is another recreation shot from Katie’s parents’ wedding. 2014-09-22_0024 2014-09-22_0025 2014-09-22_0026 2014-09-22_0027 2014-09-22_0028 2014-09-22_0034 2014-09-22_0035 2014-09-22_0036

Special thanks to Melodie for these awesome groomsmen shots!2014-09-22_0037 2014-09-22_0038 2014-09-22_0039 2014-09-22_0040 2014-09-22_0041 2014-09-22_0042 2014-09-22_0043 2014-09-22_0044 2014-09-22_0045 2014-09-22_0046 2014-09-22_0047 2014-09-22_0048 2014-09-22_0049 2014-09-22_0050

I loved being able to capture this sweet moment of the maid of honor reading her speech to Katie privately :)

f2014-09-22_0051 2014-09-22_0052 2014-09-22_0053 2014-09-22_0054 2014-09-22_0055 2014-09-22_0056 2014-09-22_0057 2014-09-22_0058 2014-09-22_0059 2014-09-22_0060

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Megan Senior Portraits

Megan graduated from UMW in December 2014, and earlier this summer we finally got around to doing a little senior portrait shoot for her! We went to the top of the Kennedy Center which is one of my new favorite places to shoot. I loved the bokeh my 85mm that I started using earlier this summer created. Definitely one of my best lens purchases ever!

2014-08-07_0001 2014-08-07_0002 2014-08-07_0003 2014-08-07_0004 2014-08-07_0005 2014-08-07_0006 2014-08-07_0007

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Alicia & Jake – Tappahannock Wedding

Alicia & Jake were married in an intimate ceremony at their church. Alicia and Jake met 7 years ago in high school. Jake went off to the University of Richmond and he would come home every weekend to visit Alicia, and their relationship stayed strong while he was away at college. Jake always knew he would marry Alicia, so you can imagine his excitement building up to the First Look. He was so excited to see her finally, on their wedding day! It was such a sweet moment, and I loved that I got to capture it. Definitely my favorite moment of the day! Many sweet moments followed throughout the day, I had a great time doing portraits; these two are such good models! Also Alicia had one of the most beautiful engagement rings! Hope you enjoy these photos!

2014-07-11_0001 2014-07-11_0002 2014-07-11_0003 2014-07-11_0004 2014-07-11_0005 2014-07-11_0006 2014-07-11_0007 2014-07-11_0008 2014-07-11_0009 2014-07-11_0010 2014-07-11_0011 2014-07-11_0012 2014-07-11_0013 2014-07-11_0014 2014-07-11_0015 2014-07-11_0016 2014-07-11_0017 2014-07-11_0018 2014-07-11_0019 2014-07-11_0020 2014-07-11_0021 2014-07-11_0022 2014-07-11_0023 2014-07-11_0024 2014-07-11_0025 2014-07-11_0026 2014-07-11_0027 2014-07-11_0028 2014-07-11_0029 2014-07-11_0030 2014-07-11_0031 2014-07-11_0032 2014-07-11_0033 2014-07-11_0034 2014-07-11_0035 2014-07-11_0036 2014-07-11_0037 2014-07-11_0038 2014-07-11_0039 2014-07-11_0040 2014-07-11_0041 2014-07-11_0042 2014-07-11_0043 2014-07-11_0044 2014-07-11_0045 2014-07-11_0046 2014-07-11_0047

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Casey & Stebbins – Khimaira Farm Wedding

I’ve been waiting for this wedding to happen for a while now. This couple is amazing and working with them has been a dream from beginning to end. They booked me waaaaaaay back in May 2013, and this wedding has been a long time coming. The day was absolutely perfect. The weather was amazing to start with and Casey was the calmest, happiest bride. I had a great time shooting details at their vacation house they rented for the weekend, and then I drove over to Khimaira Farm where I was overloaded with details. This is one of the venues that pays close attention to detail and I loved it! So many unique, rustic touches! For Casey’s wedding gift Stebbins gave her a locket with photos of her parents who unfortunately passed away when Casey was 19. Such a beautiful moment and this locket just added to the many details commemorating their spirit at the wedding. Casey was wearing her mother’s dex boots, and her mother’s favorite flower is the Gerber daisy and they were all over the house! I loved being able to incorporate them into my detail shots :) The First Look was so sweet and Stebbins was overjoyed to finally see his bride after 7 years of waiting for this day! I loved how casual and comfortable the bridal party was, and the bridesmaids were wearing cowgirl boots! After a beautiful ceremony, and dinner, we snuck out for some sunset portraits. Well-worth it! I love when couples want to get sunset photos as they are my favorite! A sweet reception followed with Casey and Stebbins singing “How Sweet it is.” Amazing couple, amazing wedding, one of my favorites to date. Enjoy! A big thank you to all the vendors and thank you also to my awesome second shooter Linda Westling!

2014-06-30_0001 2014-06-30_0002 2014-06-30_0003 2014-06-30_0004 2014-06-30_0005 2014-06-30_0006 2014-06-30_0007 2014-06-30_0008 2014-06-30_0009 2014-06-30_0010 2014-06-30_0011 2014-06-30_0012 2014-06-30_0013 2014-06-30_0014 2014-06-30_0015 2014-06-30_0016 2014-06-30_0017 2014-06-30_0018 2014-06-30_0019 2014-06-30_0020 2014-06-30_0021 2014-06-30_0022 2014-06-30_0023 2014-06-30_0024 2014-06-30_0025 2014-06-30_0026 2014-06-30_0027 2014-06-30_0028 2014-06-30_0029 2014-06-30_0030 2014-06-30_0031 2014-06-30_0032 2014-06-30_0033 2014-06-30_0034 2014-06-30_0035 2014-06-30_0036 2014-06-30_0037 2014-06-30_0038 2014-06-30_0039 2014-06-30_0040 2014-06-30_0041 2014-06-30_0042 2014-06-30_0043 2014-06-30_0044 2014-06-30_0045 2014-06-30_0046 2014-06-30_0047 2014-06-30_0048 2014-06-30_0049 2014-06-30_0050 2014-06-30_0051 2014-06-30_0052 2014-07-01_0021 2014-07-01_0001 2014-07-01_0002 2014-07-01_0003 2014-07-01_0004 2014-07-01_0005 2014-07-01_0006 2014-07-01_0007 2014-07-01_0008 2014-07-01_0009 2014-07-01_0010 2014-07-01_0011 2014-07-01_0012 2014-07-01_0013 2014-07-01_0014 2014-07-01_0015 2014-07-01_0016 2014-07-01_0017 2014-07-01_0018 2014-07-01_0019

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