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My name is Simone Fox and it looks like you stumbled on my photography blog! I'm so glad you're here! I am a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Fairfax, VA, a little city on the outskirts Washington DC. I shoot all over the Northern VA, DC, and Maryland and am always up for traveling! Check out my blog posts to see what I've been up to, and check out the above menu for more details! If you have a wedding coming up or want some portraits done, please do head over to my Talk to Me! tab or connect with me through the links on the right. I'd love to chat with you!

Ashley & Kyle’s Intimate Country Club Wedding

It was a privilege to be apart of Ashley & Kyle’s wedding day. Their wedding was held at Hidden Creek Country Club in Reston, VA. Though our time together was short, and it was about 90 degrees (!) outside, Ashley and Kyle were awesome to work with! They were so easy going and relaxed. It was a completely stress free day. With under 40 guests, I loved the intimate feel to this wedding. I’m pretty sure everyone got in at least one family photo! Portrait time with Ashley and Kyle was such a breeze! I love to work with couples who aren’t afraid to laugh at each other, and are completely at ease with one another! Their connection was evident, and I couldn’t be more happy for them! Also, note that their meal was breakfast food. Best wedding meal ever!

2015-06-04_00022015-06-04_0018 2015-06-04_0003  2015-06-04_0004 2015-06-04_0005 2015-06-04_0006 2015-06-04_0007 2015-06-04_0008 2015-06-04_0009 2015-06-04_0010 2015-06-04_0011 2015-06-04_0012 2015-06-04_0013 2015-06-04_0014 2015-06-04_0015 2015-06-04_0016 2015-06-04_0017 2015-06-04_0019 2015-06-04_0020

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Alex & Ian Wedding

I had such a great time at the wedding of Alex & Ian. I really loved how simple, yet awesome this wedding was. You can really tell that Alex and Ian have the right kind of relationship. One of mutual respect, honesty, and truly complementing each other. The wedding was so laid back and stress free. Nobody was nervous about anything; everyone just knew that this wedding day was meant to happen for a long time. I absolutely loved Jefferson Patterson Park; the reception was held in an open barn with lawn games off to the side. The ceremony was situated right at the shore of a little beach overlooking the Patuxent River. The ceremony was beautiful, complete with a fitting love poem by James Cavanaugh. The ceremony was located about a half mile from the barn, and so after the ceremony was over, the newly married couple, bridal party, and guests strolled to the reception carrying balloons that were decorating the ceremony, in a little parade.  :) After some appetizers and lunch, the games began! This wedding didn’t include a first dance, in fact, it barely included any dancing at all! This wedding reception was all about competition and games. I loved it because it was so true to the couple, and what they like. I didn’t expect to get a shot of the bride losing in Jenga, but I guess I should have expected it!

Thank you to Alex & Ian for letting me be apart of your day, and to all the vendors who participated in making this day awesome! Thank you also to Melodie Ann Photography for being my shooting buddy. You’ll see some of her shots in this post :)

2015-05-26_0001 2015-05-26_0002 2015-05-26_0041 2015-05-26_0037 2015-05-26_0005 2015-05-26_0006 2015-05-26_0007 2015-05-26_0004 2015-05-26_0003 2015-05-26_0019 2015-05-26_0008 2015-05-26_0009 2015-05-26_0010 2015-05-26_0011 2015-05-26_0012 2015-05-26_0020 2015-05-26_0021 2015-05-26_0022 2015-05-26_0023 2015-05-26_0024 2015-05-26_0013 2015-05-26_0014 2015-05-26_0015 2015-05-26_0016 2015-05-26_0018 2015-05-26_0017 2015-05-26_0025 2015-05-26_0026 2015-05-26_0027 2015-05-26_0028 2015-05-26_0029 2015-05-26_0030 2015-05-26_0031 2015-05-26_0032 2015-05-26_0033 2015-05-26_0034 2015-05-26_0035 2015-05-26_0036 2015-05-26_0038 2015-05-26_0039 2015-05-26_0040 2015-05-26_0042 2015-05-26_0043 2015-05-26_0044 2015-05-26_0045 2015-05-26_0046 2015-05-26_0047 2015-05-26_0048 2015-05-26_0049

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Your Engagement Shoot: How to Prepare & What to Wear

How to Prepare for your Engagement Shoot:


Not all photographers are like this, but here’s what you can expect at an engagement session with me. I’ve found this style of shooting yields the best results!


1. Prepare to be yourself! The most important thing for both of you is to come prepared to be yourselves. Don’t worry about whether or not you look stiff, or whether or not I’m shooting your good side. Also, I’ll give you lots of direction, so don’t worry about being told to “Act natural!” repeatedly 😛 And most of all, don’t be afraid to make a pose your own. Sounds silly, but what I mean is don’t be afraid to relax and laugh at each other :) An engagement shoot is all about capturing the love you two have created, and I want to see that! I promise the best photos will come when you aren’t worrying about how you look.

2015-02-16_0001 2015-02-16_0002

2. Prepare to shoot at “golden hour!” If you’ve seen my blog, you know I’m a fan of shooting when the sun is about to set. I just love the effect that “golden hour” has on my images. That and, after the sun has set, there’s a 30 minute period where the diffused light really brings out colors and vibrancy. Soft, post-sunset light produces incredible images. It’s not all about sun flare, and certainly not about shooting in direct light! Some people don’t think I can shoot once the sun has set, but they couldn’t be more wrong. My equipment allows me to easily shoot up to an hour after the sun has set because the camera’s sensor is much more sensitive to light than typical point and shoots. Shooting before, during, and after golden hour is a great way to create a wide variety of images. Also, if I can’t have golden hour, I love getting creative with umbrellas or an indoor space with window light :). The first 3 images here are shot at golden hour, and the last 2 were shot at least 15 minutes after the sun had set.

2015-02-16_0003 View More: http://simonefoxphotography.pass.us/katie-chris


3. Prepare to go on a fun adventure, preferably outdoors. I am a natural light photographer, which certainly means I am not a fan of studios, backdrops and lots of artificial lighting. That doesn’t mean I can’t shoot indoors. It means I like to use the available light around me, and be as creative as possible, while still traveling light! This means I can shoot almost anywhere! I would love to go to shoot you at any place that is special to you, such as your hometown, where he proposed, where you met, etc. The following 3 images were shot at the Katie & Chris’ build site for their new home, Amanda & Daniel’s hometown and where they met, and Main Street Station, where Sarah & Chris would have their wedding ceremony.

2015-02-16_0005 2015-02-16_0006



What to Wear for your Engagement Shoot:


One of the main reasons I did this blog post is because of how many couples ask about clothing advice! I don’t claim to be a fashion expert, of course, but here are some tips (and some photos!) on how to be comfortable and look great for your engagement shoot:


1. Bring 2 outfits! If you’re not sure what to wear, bring one casual outfit, and one more dressy/formal outfit. If you have a different idea of what you want to wear, then go with it! I’m up for anything!



2. Pick something you feel comfortable in! There is no point in wearing something you don’t feel confident in! If you’re constantly needing to adjust your dress because its not quite fitting right or you’re not feeling 100% sure about that shirt…don’t wear it. Pick something you know fits well and is comfortable to move around in because when the photos come out, you’ll be even more critical!


3. Avoid wearing small patterns or matching clothes. The no-matching rule excludes matching clothes with a specific purpose, such as, for example, showing off a sports team you both like! Otherwise matching clothes without a purpose just looks cheesy. Small patterns tend to simply look unflattering in photos. This is not always the case, but it’s worth considering when choosing your outfits.


4. Coordinate! The best “word” of advice I can give to couples preparing for their engagement shoot is to coordinate.



5. Wearing matching colors but in different SHADES looks great!


6. Matching accessories are a great way to look as though you belong together without looking cheesy together 😛


7. Contrast your colors: If one of you is wearing a bright colors or patterns, the other will coordinate well in a solid, more neutral color.


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Best of 2014 Weddings, Engagements and Portraits

Choosing my favorites from this years photos was tough. 2014 turned out to be much better than I thought it would be. I had a personal goal of booking 6 weddings for this year and I was lucky enough to book 8. I was so fortunate to get the most awesome clients as well! I’m really excited to get into 2015 and see what the New Year brings. I’m so excited to share my favorite wedding, engagement, and portrait shots with you! Each shoot includes a link to a full blog post of the event :) Enjoy!

Sarah & Christian Wedding

Sarah & Chris Wedding2014-12-25_0005


Casey & Stebbins Wedding2014-12-25_0009 2014-12-25_0010

Alicia & Jake Wedding2014-12-25_0011

Katie & Sam Wedding2014-12-25_0012 2014-12-25_0013

Amanda & Matt Wedding2014-12-25_0014

Jenifer & Nick Wedding2014-12-25_0015 2014-12-25_0016

Katie & Chris Wedding2014-12-25_0017


 Katie & Sam Engagement 2014-12-25_0019 2014-12-25_0020

Anneliese & Chris Couples’ Shoot2014-12-25_0021 2014-12-25_0022

Sarah & Chris Engagement2014-12-25_0023 2014-12-25_0024

Amanda & Matt Engagement/Family2014-12-25_0025 2014-12-25_0026

Jenifer & Nick EngagementView More: http://simonefoxphotography.pass.us/jenifer-nick View More: http://simonefoxphotography.pass.us/jenifer-nick

Alex & Ian Engagement2014-12-25_0027 2014-12-25_0028

Katie & Chris Engagement2014-12-25_0029 2014-12-25_0030

Amanda & Daniel Engagement2014-12-25_0031 2014-12-25_0032

Michelle & Jason EngagementView More: http://simonefoxphotography.pass.us/michelle-jason View More: http://simonefoxphotography.pass.us/michelle-jason

Andrea & Stephen Couples’ Shoot2014-12-25_0033

And finally some portraits I shot this year…2014-12-25_0034 2014-12-25_0035 2014-12-25_0036 2014-12-25_0037 2014-12-25_0038 2014-12-25_0039

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Life in 2014

My Instagrams from 2014.

I’m a huge Instagram user and I used to have a series on this blog called “Camera Phone Friday.” I’m going to be bringing this series back in 2015, so I thought I’d share my Instagram shots from this past year, in an attempt to catch up. I love the convenience of having a camera on my phone, and end up using it a lot! The blog tends to show only my clients and professional work, but a lot of my personal life is captured on my phone. I’m planning on blogging more, and sharing more next year! You’ll see this past year I photographed mostly cats, food, restaurants, and sunsets…and a few other things. Also towards the end of the year I got an iPhone 6 Plus, and the camera was worlds better than my previous iPhone 4s. So I started photographing a lot more, and thats what prompted me to finally share some more personal photos. It’s amazing how good camera phones are nowadays, and they are great personal storytelling devices.

2014-12-20_0018 2014-12-20_0019 2014-12-20_0020 2014-12-20_0021 2014-12-20_0022 2014-12-20_0023 2014-12-20_0024 2014-12-20_0025 2014-12-20_0026 2014-12-20_0027 2014-12-20_0028 2014-12-20_0029 2014-12-20_0030 2014-12-20_0031 2014-12-20_0032 2014-12-20_0033

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