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Amanda & Matt’s Rustic Winery Wedding

Amanda & Matt are a very special couple. I actually know Matt through an old friend of mine. When I was a teenager, I used to do scholarship beauty pageants with the Miss America organization, believe it or not. It was a great experience for me as a teenager, and I met many awesome people through the pageant circuit. Anyway, I was pretty into it between ages 15-18 and after my first pageant I got a pageant coach, and her name was Kristi. She was such an amazing role model for me throughout my time with pageants and she really helped me come out of my shell in a lot of ways. Our families became close during the years we connected over all the pageantry. Matt is Kristi’s brother. So when I was asked to shoot Matt and his wife Amanda’s wedding celebration, I was honored. It was  such an honor to know that their family has been following my work and my progress over the years and that they now felt they could trust me with capturing such an important day.

After shooting some lovely getting ready portraits and details at the hotel, I headed to 8 Chains Winery to prepare for the ceremony. I love the modern, yet rustic feel to this venue. So the schedule for this wedding was tight. The sun was setting at 7pm, and I knew that after Amanda & Matt walked down the aisle, I would need to grab them right away for portraits. The only thing Amanda wanted was sunset portraits. She was so very sweet to me throughout the entire wedding process, and I was not about to let her down. So the ceremony was starting late, and I was genuinely worried that we’d run out of light. But then fortunately the officiant was very efficient, and the ceremony was very fast. By the time we finally got into the vines the sun had dipped behind the trees, but….the last minute sunset light never disappoints. As I found myself smiling through my viewfinder, I felt confident I was getting the portraits that his beautiful couple deserves. Amanda & Matt have an adorable daughter, Madison. They were married over a year ago, so this celebration was more of a vow renewal. I just love how special Madison is to this family. They care for her so much, and they deserve beautiful images to commemorate this season of their lives.

As we finished up the portraits I turned my camera around to show Amanda one of the shots I had gotten, and she squeezed my arm, smiled and said “Oh my God, I love it!” It’s moments just like that that I live for. :). After a successful round of last minute sunset portraits, a delicious Greek dinner followed complete with lots of dancing, drinking, and a damn good time. Amanda & Matt I hope you LOVE these photos and that they bring you joy for many years :)

I’d like to thank all the vendors who helped make this day possible, and most of all my awesome second shooter Camille. You’ll see a few of her shots sprinkled throughout this post :)

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A Practical Wedding Workshop with Abby Grace

As I arrived at Abby’s townhome complex with a few other photographers I met on the way from our cars, we were trying to figure out which house was hers, and then suddenly it was very easy since we spotted Abby in the window in her tulle skirt! We made our way in and were greeted with a hug from Abby, donuts, and tea. After some more meeting and greeting, we all sat down and Abby began to teach. I loved being able to see what Abby’s detailed wedding day game plan looked like. Ever since I shot my first wedding as a primary, I’ve always felt as though I needed a plan for the day, and when Abby presented this workshop, I knew I should jump right on it! Turns out it was just what I needed! Abby was both energetic, knowledgeable, and open about everything she talked about! After hearing about her process and how she does things, I felt so much more confident about my own, which is the main thing I wanted to get out of this workshop.

After the game plan/teaching portion, Abby took us to Reston Town Center and we photographed a previous bride and groom of hers. Alex & Seamus were 1 perfectly gorgeous couple! Before she let us loose to pose them ourselves, she explained a little bit about her posing technique. This was the part that stuck with me the most: Abby starts with a simple pose and then she adds small adjustments along the way. I love this idea because honestly I think its less pressure on both me and the couple! I also found that it facilitates more natural poses because you’re not moving them around as much, and you can pull out adjustments that seem more natural based on what you’re seeing in front of you. So much easier than trying to memorize poses, and looking at your phone with all those ideas from Pinterest DURING a shoot. Yeah, I don’t do that…..anymore. LOL! Finally if you haven’t noticed, I got new headshots on the blog! These are courtesy of Abby! She graciously took the time to give us all headshots in addition to everything else she had already given us. After shooting we headed back to her lovely townhome and were fed a delicious dinner, followed by Q&A, and we left with a gift bag of champagne!

Finally, the other awesome part of this day was being able to meet all the other photographers at varying places in their businesses. Just being in the same room with them, and hearing them talk about their lives, business practices, and photography stories was amazing. It’s a reminder that I’m very lucky to be apart of a great community of similar photographers. I love how this community is all about helping each other out and furthering each others businesses, not about competition.

Last but not least, a big thank you to the vendors who participated in making A Practical Wedding Workshop a big success:

Dress: Soliloquy Bridal

Hair & Make-up: Alison Harper & Company

Florals: Floral & Bloom Design

And most of all, thank you to Abby Grace Photography for a great experience!

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Jenifer & Nick Engagement

This was one of the more unique engagement sessions I’ve ever done. It included 3 different animal types and a quadrocopter drone! So Nick and I used to be co-workers. He and I worked together for over a year, so we got to be pretty good friends. So when he contacted me to see if I was still available for his wedding next month, I wasn’t about to turn it down. He and his fiance, Jenifer have a chicken farm at their house! At work Nick used to bring us all fresh eggs and he was always getting more and more chickens. He’s now up to 60! So when I suggested we start shooting at their house with the chickens they were all for it! So we started there, and included their adorable puppy, Muffin, and even the cat, Pumpkin, made an appearance. Nick recently bought a drone, and being that my other co workers are engineers and very curious (jealous) about this drone, I figured I may as well take some photos of it! So we headed to the Rappahannock river and after taking some beautiful engagement portraits on the rocks with a view of the river….we flew the drone! Those things are pretty cool. They can fly so high that you can completely lose sight of it if you’re not careful! It produces some amazing footage though; landscape videography at its finest! Of course, the government is still working out how they feel about people using these quadrocoptors, but I’m sure that’ll get worked out soon, as drones are getting much more popular nowadays. After the river and drone event, they took me out to Chipotle! Also, guess who is catering their wedding….Chipotle. AWESOME!!! Anyway, enjoy these photos!

2014-09-25_0001 2014-09-25_0002 2014-09-25_0003 2014-09-25_0004 2014-09-25_0005 2014-09-25_0006 2014-09-25_0007 2014-09-25_0008 2014-09-25_0009 2014-09-25_0010 2014-09-25_0011 2014-09-25_0012 2014-09-25_0013 2014-09-25_0014 2014-09-25_0015 2014-09-25_0016 2014-09-25_0017 2014-09-25_0018 2014-09-25_0019 2014-09-25_0020 2014-09-25_0021 2014-09-25_0022

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