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My name is Simone Fox and it looks like you stumbled on my photography blog! I'm so glad you're here! I am a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Fairfax, VA, a little city on the outskirts Washington DC. I shoot all over the Northern VA, DC, and Maryland and am always up for traveling! Check out my blog posts to see what I've been up to, and check out the above menu for more details! If you have a wedding coming up or want some portraits done, please do head over to my Talk to Me! tab or connect with me through the links on the right. I'd love to chat with you!

1st week of Spring

This past winter has been long. Cold, windy, snow, and icy. Finally this past Monday we got hit by Spring. I’m so relieved because I’m really sensitive to seasonal depression, and I really needed this change. Obviously I had to take some photos to document this nice change in season…

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I’m so excited to announce that I’ve designed, ordered, and received my first sample album! I was so excited when I found out they come in leather boxes! So great for keeping it well stored and protected for many years :). These albums are all handcrafted, which I love. It makes me feel good knowing that my albums were made by a person who put their heart and soul into it, not a machine. Wedding albums are meant to be precious family heirlooms that you will look at 20 years from now and vividly remember the moments of your wedding. Investing in an album is a sure-fire way to always have a beautiful memento to represent the most special day in your marriage. Many years after the memories of your wedding have faded, albums meant to withstand the test of time will bring them to life again. These albums are made with high quality card stock, so the pages will never fade, and the images printed on them will always look as vibrant as they did on the day of your wedding! So…without further ado, check out my sample album from Madera Books :) Can’t wait to order more of these for my clients!

2014-02-07_0001 2014-02-07_0002 2014-02-07_0003

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Best of 2013 – Weddings, Engagements, and Portraits

HAPPY 2014! I hope everyone had a great start to the New Year :) Today I wanted to blog my best shots of 2013! I had some great second shooting opportunities this past year, and am finally booking some of my own weddings! Second shooting the past year and half has been a fabulous way for me to get some real field experience with weddings, and next year I will be focusing mainly on my own work! I’m pleased to announce that I have booked 4 weddings for 2014 already and am actively working towards more! I had a personal goal of booking 6 for 2014, and having already booked 4, I am optimistic I will meet it soon, if not exceed it! I’m so grateful to all the photography Facebook groups I belong to. The communities of photographers have been instrumental in the start up of my business, and I’m so grateful to have found them.

Here are some of my favorite images from my photography adventures in 2013!

Jessica & Sean Wedding


Stephanie & Pete Wedding2014-01-01_0015

Hannah & Kyle Wedding2014-01-01_0014

Samantha & Zachary Wedding2014-01-01_0013

Megan & Mark Couples Shoot2014-01-01_0004

Casey & Stebbins Engagement2014-01-01_0005

Alicia & Jake Engagement2014-01-01_0010

Victoria & Kevin Couples Shoot2014-01-01_0009

Sarah & Christian Engagement2014-01-01_0011

Next are my favorite portraits from the Winter Styled Shoot I attended, a mini-styled shoot I did with a friend, and the Katelyn James Coaching Reunion!

2014-01-01_0007 2014-01-01_0008 2014-01-01_0006 2013-12-31_0004

And finally my favorite portraits of 2013! 2014-01-01_0003 2014-01-01_0002 2014-01-01_0001 2013-12-31_0005 2013-12-31_0003 2013-12-31_0002 2013-12-31_0001

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Sarah & Christian – Main Street Station Engagement

I had the privilege of meeting Sarah & Christian last weekend, and am so excited to share their engagement photos with you! This lovely couple met at UVA and Sarah is now in grad school in Florida and Christian is stationed in Georgia.  Their wedding venue is Main Street Station and I LOVE how we were shooting in the same place they will be married in next June! Shooting 75% indoors is not my usual practice, but that does not mean I am opposed to trying new things! Main Street Station has amazing architecture on the interior and the exterior. I really enjoyed being able to capture them in a place that meant so much to them :). Christian was GREAT at pointing out spots he liked around the station. I loved that as it made my job super easy! It was pouring rain outside, so that was a bummer, but in the end, the photos we did get outside turned out amazing!! Thank goodness my camera is weather sealed! Enjoy!

2014-01-03_0001 2014-01-03_0002 2014-01-03_0003 2014-01-03_0004 2014-01-03_0005 2014-01-03_0006


2014-01-03_0008 2014-01-03_0009 2014-01-03_0010 2014-01-03_0011 2014-01-03_0012 2014-01-03_0013 2014-01-03_0014 2014-01-03_0015 2014-01-03_0016 2014-01-03_0017 2014-01-03_0018 2014-01-03_0019 2014-01-03_0020 2014-01-03_0021 2014-01-03_0022 2014-01-03_0023


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Best of 2013 – Detail Shots

Happy 2014! Today I wanted to share my favorite detail shots from 2013! I’ll be sharing an engagement shoot with you all next week followed by my Best of 2013 Wedding and Portrait Shots! Enjoy!

2014-01-01_0016 2014-01-01_0017 2014-01-01_0018 2014-01-01_0019 2014-01-01_0020 2014-01-01_0021

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